Heading South for the Winter? Be Prepared!

Heading South for the Winter?  Be Prepared!

Canada Geese are known to escape the harsh Canadian winter with their yearly migration to the Southern USA. Many Canadian travellers are known to do the same, earning them the nickname “Snowbirds”. Most Snowbirds are retirees, enjoying their summers then escaping the cold for months at a time. Many do so in their RV, fifth wheel or travel trailer. If you’re preparing to head South soon, check out these handy tips and reminders.


Most Snowbirds head for the lower US states, with the majority hitting the warm climates of Florida, the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and Arizona. Whether you plan to spend the entire time in one place or move around frequently, it is best to reserve your parks and sites well ahead of time. Most RV parks see bookings a year or more in advance! Don’t forget to map out your travel route and book any hotels or single night stays along the way.


As with any extended out of country stay, there are lots to things to be considered before you go. Be sure to book medical and dental checkups well in advance to be sure you are in tip top shape for travelling. You may have to also make advance arrangements for your prescription medications for extended stays.  Do the same with your rig, scheduling any maintenance and repairs before you hit the road. If you need any parts - like tow bars and accessories, fifth wheel hitches, and more - rvpartshop.ca has you covered with fast, free shipping for orders over $99.

Make a call or visit to your insurance agent to confirm that you have the proper home, RV and health policies to cover you while you’re away. If you’re travelling with pets, make sure their vaccinations are up to date and secure any paperwork you may need to get them across the border. Don’t forget your own passport and travel documents!  


Make sure your home and belongings are protected while you’re away. Arrange for a friend, neighbour or family member to stop by frequently to take in any mail and newspapers, run the taps intermittently and keep the driveway clear. If your house looks lived in, it is less likely to be targeted by thieves. You might want to consider renting your unused space through a home share program or an app like Airbnb. Just be sure that your insurance policy covers short-term rentals. If you need any parts and accessories while you’re away, visit rvpartshop.com for shipping within the USA.


Unpack, relax, enjoy the Canadian summer and get ready to go again next year.

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