Tow Bars - The Unexposed Secret - RV part Shop Online Store

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Tow Bars - The Unexposed Secret - RV part Shop Online Store

When you love nature and road trips, you need the best accessories to move without worries. Motorhome owners generally have a car that they tow behind their RV. Tow bars are one of those essential accessories you want to have for your RV. On your RV adventure, the towing system will allow you to carry another vehicle easily. There are several reasons why you need tow bars. You don’t need your big RV to go to the local grocery store. Also, a small car is better to take for the ride than a big RV for sightseeing. Now, the tow bars come as a rescuer for your trip. 

Different categories of tow bars

As you might know, there are various types of tow bar styles available to choose like Horizontal Hitch, Flat Tongue, Swan Neck, and Rear Step. There are also different classes of tow bars which is an essential step to think about before buying one. Before you head to hunt down the perfect tow bar for yourself, you should check the different classes of it:

Standard Tow Bars

Class 2 tow bars are commonly the flat tongue type tow bars, the lightest of the other classes. These tow bars can carry around up to 2645 lbs load of small box trailers. 

Medium Duty Tow Bars

Class 3 tow bars are the popular option as they can carry medium-weight loads. They are suitable to carry on compact cars, multi-motorcycle trailers, or small boats. They can carry loads up to 3527 lbs. 

Heavy Duty Tow Bars

You will need a class 4 or heavy-duty tow bar if you are about to tow a caravan, horse float, car trailer, or boat. It’s for intensive towing, rating up to 7710 lbs. 

What to check before you attach Tow Bars to your RV?

We know that tow bars are the attachments connected to the motorhome’s baseplate to tow another vehicle behind it. Tow bars have several advantages when you are traveling in your RV. First, it saves your car gas as your RV tows the car. Second, it also makes it easy to access your vehicle anywhere for everyday requirements. 

But before you decide to buy tow bars for your motorhome, you will need to tick some critical checkpoints.  

  • Check the transmission of your RV if it allows towing the heavyweight tow bars and vehicles. 

  • Check the tow bar’s limit for towing, as most tow bars come with a bit of weight holding capacity.

  • You will need to install a hitch receiver if your RV does not come pre-equipped with it.

  • Check the bar material if it is made of steel or aluminum, as these two are the hardest and long-lasting materials.

  • Look for the feature called ‘no binding latch’ before you buy. Despite the inclination the RV is parked, It allows the rider to unhitch the vehicle. 

  • You need to check your cooling unit up-gradation before using the tow bar regularly for bigger cars or heavy-duty vehicles.

How does a tow bar work?

Towing is an essential part of RV travel. The tow bar connects from the front of the car or other vehicle to the back of your motorhome. While using a tow bar, you should know how to install and use it. Here is an initial guide for an easy understanding of the process:

  • Park your RV on an open and flat surface with enough space to connect and tow your extra vehicle behind it. 

  • Verify the height of the hitch and the base plate before joining. 

  • Mount the tow bar on the RV and fold up and out the arms of the tow bar 

  • Make sure to park your vehicle parallel to the RV as much as possible. 

  • In the baseplate, the receiver inserts the two attachment tabs and secures them with linchpins.

  • Make sure that the latches of both arms are locked.

  • Attach the safety cables underneath the tow bar in a crisscross way. While towing, make sure not to drag the wires on the ground. 

  • Test each function before towing the vehicle 

Best tow bars to check in the market before you buy

Adjustable tow bars

Among some of the best tow bars in the market, an adjustable tow bar is standard—these tow bars are connected from the back of the RV to the front of the towing vehicle. 

The adjustable tow bar 19745 Curt is ideal for towing small vehicles behind an RV. It has a 2-inch heavy-duty coupler and adjusts from 26 inches to 41 inches. You can mount the bracket to the vehicle frame. The assembled product weight of the tow bar is 42 lbs. 

Adjustable tow bar harbor freight is a quick connection system that can be latched directly to the bumper of an RV. These adjustable tow bars can handle the weight of the vehicles up to 5,000 lbs. The arms of adjustable tow bar harbor freight extend from 24 inches to 43 inches, and it comes with a 2-inch coupler. 

You should adjust the trailer to the perfect level for safe and secure towing. An adjustable tow bar hitch is an integral part of it. This hitch comes with several positions where you can adjust and match the position of the vehicle and trailer. Usually designed for class IV Trailers, adjustable tow bar hitches have an aluminum frame and come with 6000 lbs towing capacity. 

A Haul Master adjustable tow bar can easily handle vehicles up to 6000 lbs. You can fold it and keep it as simple storage in your RV. You will get two pull pins and a quick connection to mounting brackets. Curt manufacturing tow bars are rigid and highly tested for safety. Curt adjustable tow bars are easy to use for RV owners and give them freedom and peace of mind whenever traveling. Some people trust Curt tow bars for their reliable engineering work and secure connection to the current lifestyle.

Blue Ox tow bars are the heavy-duty line of towing accessories. They come in a variety of kinds for a specific need and towing capacity. Blue Ox steel tow bars are used for larger towing vehicles like SUVs and full-size pickup trucks. The fold-away design of the Blue Ox Aluminum tow bars is a proven favorite of the people who love towing. The unique and sturdy design creates a secure connection by locking both vehicles. These designs provide a safe towing experience. 

Some of the Best Universal Tow bars

Draw-Tite tow bars are lightweight and universal fit. They are heavy-duty, and the coupler fits a 2-inch ball. The minimum arm spread is 26 inches, and the maximum is 41 inches. They are lightweight and easy to install. 

Demco tow bars have revolutionized the RV towing experience. They are mostly not lightweight but well-built. It is easy to connect and disconnect these tow bars, and they can universally fit any vehicle. 

Camco tow bars are well-known for proper weight distribution and sway control for safer road towing. Therefore, it is ideal for towing pickups and multi-purpose vehicles. It is built for universal fit and comes with adjustable arms which extend from 26 inches to 41 inches.

Husky tow bars provide heavy-duty construction, streamlined appearance, and adjustable arms. Motorhome owners appreciate the heavy-duty construction and streamlined appearance of the Husky steel tow bars. In addition, the Husky towing tow bars are lightweight and easy to install and use on the road.

Imtech Moore tow bars are heavy-duty and easy installable accessories for towing, and they can be easily fixed and opened. However, NSA RV Products are more than just tow bars. They are made from heavy-duty materials like steel and aluminum.  NSA Tow bars come with 8000 pounds of towing capacity. 

Reese tow bars are available in the market as per universal industry standards. They are heavy-duty and hence, perfect for seasoned campers. Reese Towpower adjustable tow bar is one of the most popular products. Reese has committed to its customers for its highest quality grade products.


For most of us, it becomes confusing while searching for a perfect tow bar for our RV.  You should know well what to search for before buying a tow bar. But, of course, everything depends on your need and plan to tow before you head to the road.

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